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Our Grooming

Our grooming is a bit different.


We understand the stress that grooming can bring to your furry friend, and so we take the extra time, and the extra care. Our team of expert groomers love what they do, and at the core of it all there are 3 solid standards.


No kennels, ever.

Most grooming services focus on quantity over quality. As a result many pets are left kenneled to make room for the next customer. We schedule our sessions with appropriate time between them to ensure your dog never sets paw in a kennel. From the moment they walk in to when they leave, your dog will be in very nurturing hands.

One on one grooming, period.

Your dog not only needs to be clean, but they need to feel safe. We adhere to maintaining one on one grooming sessions to make sure your dog is comfortable throughout their experience. Keeping one set of hands on your dog makes sure they not only get attentive grooming,  they also feel dedicated and catered to on an individual basis.


Zero Guesswork.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and nothing makes a grooming experience worse than results that show inexperience. We are experts at our craft and we don't cut corners on knowledge. When it comes to grooming, rest assured that regardless the coat, shape, temperament, or age of your dog, we will know exactly what to do.


Please give us a call to set up grooming for your dog today!



Beautiful Pets Deserve Beautiful Grooming