We provide kennel free, low stress, one on one grooming

for your fur baby.


One on one grooming means its one dog and one groomer in the room. This is especially beneficial for dogs that have grooming anxiety and owners that don't want their fur baby in a kennel the whole time. We have a starting price list but ultimately coat length, condition, and type of cut will determine final price.

All of our grooming services include:

Blueberry Facial

Nail trim & file

Herbal ear wash (made by a Colorado company)

All the products we use are sulfate, paraben, & cruelty free.



We offer nail trims as a call ahead service.

Just give us a call the day of and we will give you a window of time that

our groomer will be able to assist you.

We use a nail grinder to shave down the nail and leave a more rounded and less jagged edge.



Our self wash suites are open everyday for walk ins.

self washes close 1 hour prior to store closing.

$18 Flat Fee (per dog)

The self service dog wash includes:

Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner 


Herbal Coat Sprays

Heated Blow Dryer

Cotton Towel 


Nail Trimmers 

Ear Cleaner

Our groomer is more than happy to discuss the exact services needed prior to appointment.

Call us for more information!

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